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donderdag 16 september 2010

Yet more Hardy news, along with more

Let me start off with the note that I just might have to dedicate an entire new blog on the whole Hardy-soap that's been going on lately. As for now, I will not do this yet tho. I want to see how this thing develops, if it might just be a storyline for Matt, or serious trouble for the good man.
Anyway, on with the news I have for you guys:

Wrestlenewz reports that sources within the WWE report (that's a lot of reporting for a single sentence) that officials from said company had a conference call about Matt's future within the WWE. Besides the rumors, there has been no official word on what has been said there.

The feeling is that WWE will keep Hardy on the roster as long as he agrees to some rules and stipulations from the company. Word is that a lot of people backstage are upset with Hardy’s recent actions and some talent want him to be released, or at least think he should be released.
One of the incidents with Hardy reportedly came during a WWE live event in August in White Plains, New York. The story is that Hardy disappeared from the arena that afternoon and they had to find a replacement for Hardy in his match. Apparently on explanation was given as to where Hardy ran off to.
WWE creative has apparently been told that Hardy would not be booked in the foreseeable future.

The same Matt Hardy is looking to put out an autobiography. He also stated that Paul London "is a pathetic mess", after Paul did a shoot interview at, in which he stated  that Matt is "pathetic" and "phony".
The interview with Paul London can be found exclusively at afore mentioned site, if you subscribe.

So far for news on Matt, on to other news now.

Will John Cena finally turn heel*? WWE officials state that they are open to the idea of Cena turning heel. The idea has been around for years, but has always been put down by Vince McMahon for business reasons. However, now that Cena is getting booed more and more, this idea might just become reality. More on this when I find out more.
(* Turning heel: for those that are not (that) familiar with wrestling, turning heel means turning to the so called "bad side". Turning face, is turning to the "good side". For example: The Miz is a so called "heel-character". Rey Mysterio, on the other hand, is a big fan favorite, a "face-character".)

MVP wrote on his twitter yesterday that he will be getting a new entrance theme sometime soon. He did not say when it will debut. A link to his twitter, for those interested, can be found here.
I tried finding the message myself, but I am an absolute twitter virgin, so I couldn't. Feel free to explain me how it works sometime guys :)

Then, some news on the unifying of the championships belts, in particular the World Heavyweight Championship- and the WWE Championship belt. According to one source within the WWE (not my personal source, mind you, just got this from anothere  wrestling site myself.) says that just because it's being discussed, doesn't mean it will actually happen. Apparently unifying the belts is brought up in meetings every year or so. It’s said that higher-ups in the company are against the idea of unifying the titles, even though it’s being discussed.
The current talks of unification are called a “what if” discussion based on the success or failure of SmackDown on SyFy. The feeling is that if SmackDown doesn’t too bad in moving to SyFy, then they definitely won’t be unifying all the belts.
The Divas and Women’s Titles are being unified at Night of Champions because of the feeling that the Divas division lacks enough talent to have a title on each brand.

The current plans for the Royal Rumble 2011 say it is going to happen on January 30th, in Kansas City.

And Triple H has a new (side)job, as a Creative Executive. He has had this job before, but never officially. As of now, he will be on the pay roll as one. This means that he can help develop the story lines for different wrestlers and stuff like that. Upon officially taking his new job, he received 5,000 shares of WWE stocks, worth about $72,000.

That's it for now folks, it's almost 10AM here, and I'm craving for some sleep (grave shift at work).

So until next time,

Rest In Peace,


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