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donderdag 16 september 2010

A few quick notes, nothing to do with wrestling but please do read


Thank you for being faithful followers thus far!

I am now a bit over 30 followers and that makes me happy.

However! Please don't go massive ad-clicking, my page-CTR is at a (way to high) percentage of 20,00.

If you do want to click ads, please give me a couple of f5 bombs in the progress.

Thank you all for your attention.

Rest In Peace,


15 opmerkingen:

  1. It does suck when your CTR is drived through the roof, I have mine quite low atm though.
    Supporting and following :]

  2. good job, your blog has a strong following

  3. You could just hide you ads for a while to stop people clicking on them. Put them down the bottom of the page and make them the same colour as the background or something.

  4. good job bro. definitely checking out this blog more in the future

  5. Just so you know, I've enjoyed reading your blog quite a bit. You have a pleasant style and you've grown on me quite a bit. So yeah, I'm definitely following you. :D

    I have a blog as well, which you can follow if you're interested. It's the life story of a badass, modern Pecos-Bill-type character told in daily vignettes. I'm looking for actual readers, rather than just clickers/supporters, so if anyone's interested, feel free to take a look. =)

  6. that's my problem too. i put the ads all the way at the bottom of my page.

  7. I'm watching wwe now and i see kane and undertaker fight RIGHT NOW!