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zaterdag 18 september 2010

Hardy moving to TNA? And other stuffies

Matt Hardy "teases" his fans on twitter, after a fan asked if there is any chance he'll join his brother Jeff on the TNA roster to bring back the old Hardy days.
Matt replied to this question with the following: “A 100% chance :) And I can’t wait..”
(That was quite a short update on Matt for a change. Guess I can finally start naming my message-titles differently now)

The Playboy Magazine Cyber Club sent out an email on Friday morning promoting several new nude pictures that WWE Diva Maryse took for the magazine. The e-mail features four pictures, two of which show Maryse topless. They promote her pictures by saying, “WWE Diva Maryse Ouellet see her knockout nudes in the Playboy Cyber Club”. The photo shoot was from 2006, before Maryse was signed with WWE.
It is going to be interesting how this turns out, since the previous shoot from '06 was when they were not yet rated PG. However, it may not effect her/them in any way at all, because everybody that is "allowed" to see them, age-wise, is over the "PG" age anyway.

Former CrymeTyme tag-team half  Shad Gaspard tweeted about producing a music video for an international group known as "QSign". A link to the video can be found right about here somewhere.
Personally? I didn't really like the video, for I am not one to enjoy moves like that. I think they're a bit over the top, and everybody and their mom seem to be able to do them. The song itself, however, I did enjoy.
Anyway, on to some other news.

Former WWE star Sean Waltman was, according to the sites, arrested earlier this week on behalf of possession of drugs. He was arrested on the Newark Libert International Airport this past Sunday.
The story notes that the drugs were found on him after he was unable to show any ID, about which he said it was robbed on a party he was attending to the day before. The police then searched him, and found a rolled marijuana cigarette in his pocket. This led to him being arrested. He was released the same night.
Sean Waltman himself commented on the whole ruckus with the following messages on his twitter:
"Some c--- stole my wallet with 1500.00 in it & my id. Got arrested for possession of half a joint's worth of weed. Still in NY 4 some biz."
And later, "Im in NY area with no weed 2 smoke. Cops took it. Anyone in the area want to hook a brother up?"
And also, "i love the websites that say i was arrested 4 drugs. like they dont know it was just weed. I didnt have an 8 ball 4 f---'s sake. 1/2 a joint"

The WWE also shouldn't put so many Superstars in so many different movies in the same period of time, or I need to turn this into a WWE Superstar Movies blog or something.
Anyway, presenting to you:
The trailer for "Knucklehead", a movie starring The Big Show.

Also, SD Superstar CM Punk and Diva Alicia Fox both have a (new) twitter account.
CM Punk's new twitter.
Alicia Fox's new twitter.

That's all I could find today.

Until next time,

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