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donderdag 7 oktober 2010

WWE Superstars allowed to open youtube accounts, SCSA teasing return.

To start things of, I would like to apologize for a lack of updates as of late. I have been quite busy with working, and other things in my personal life, that I could just not find the time and/or energy to post an update. Things are going better, but are not perfect yet, so please forgive me if I miss one or two days from time to time...
Now that we have that out of the way, let the wrestling(news) commence.

Apparently WWE is allowing talents to open up YouTube accounts after all, as seen last week when Melina debuted her account. WWE performers have to get officials’ permission first. Look for more Superstars to launch YouTube accounts in the next week or so.

 According to his Twitter, WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has undergone surgery at 3PM CT on the 4th of October, where he will have a stent inserted into an artery near his heart.
Ross was able to attend Saturday’s Oklahoma vs. Texas game and downplayed the seriousness of the surgery, saying, “I ain’t scared for the heart procedure… My faith is strong and my doctors are awesome. Best shape I’ve been in in years.”
He also noted that he was supposed to attend last night’s Hell in a Cell PPV but couldn’t as his doctor wanted him to rest in preparation for today.You can get more from JR here: Twitter Account.
(I know this is a little late, but I still wanted to keep you updated on this).
The day he was scheduled to undergo surgery to have a a stent inserted into an artery near his heart, the WWE Hall of Famer got great news that his surgery was unnecessary.
Ross, who is still in the hospital, wrote on Twitter:
“No surgery required. Sore where (the doctor) explored my heart via femoral artery. Hope to get home tonight. Caught a break”
I am so enjoying this, personally, because I love JR...
Quick sidenote there, my uhm, what's it called... let's just keep it to laptop-dictionary, didn't know the word homophobes. And it still doesn't. However, the word it thought I meant was: homophones. Now someone tell me, what the fuck is a homophone?

WWE may repeatedly deny that it views UFC as competition, but in a Barron’s story related to Linda McMahon’s Senate campaign and WWE’s financial performance, the outlet suggests the opposite.
Painting a negative picture about WWE’s financial success, the article says WWE’s “stats don’t look so buff.” It adds, “Pay-per-view buys, TV ratings, magazine sales and Website visits have been in decline for three years, as many fans turn to mixed martial- arts contests like the Ultimate Fighting Championship.”
Then, in a very interesting quote given the UFC fighter’s connection to WWE, the story cracks, “The UFC’s champions like Brock Lesnar are essentially kicking the butts of WWE superstars like John Cena.”
The article, which concludes that WWE stock is likely overpriced since “World Wrestling is struggling to remain relevant as mixed martial arts surges,” also features a graphical breakdown of WWE’s declining television ratings, as well as evidence that UFC is eclipsing WWE in the pay-per-view category.
Since 2007, WWE has only outperformed UFC on pay-per-view in Q2 2007, Q1 2008, Q2 2009 and Q1 2010 (as in, the quarters with WrestleMania), and it appears from the data that Barron’s might not be controlling specifically for domestic buys, which tend to bring far more profit to the promoter.

Below are some highlights from an interview between “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and UK Newspaper The Sun:
Watching Wrestling: “I watch all wrestling whenever I can, I watch WWE and I watch TNA. I’ve just always had that passion for the sport. That’s what inspired me to enter the ring in the first place, I watched wrestling avidly as a kid and back then it was guys battering each other in smoke filled arenas and blood flowed freely. And that’s why I still watch WWE and TNA all the time today, it’s entertaining and takes me back.”
His Neck: “I’m lucky, you know my neck is 100 per cent these days, I can do my own stunts and fight scenes where I can. I don’t claim to be a tough guy, but I give it a go.
Wrestling Again: “I never thought I’d say it, but when I’m asked about one more match these days I do tend to say ‘never say never’. So don’t rule it out.”

On the Cena-Nexus storyline, without spoiling things TOO much, hopefully, I bring the following "news":
It sounds like Michael Tarver may be gone from Nexus after tonight’s RAW. Wade Barrett told John Cena that he did a favor by beating Tarver up as he had been thinking about getting rid of Tarver for sometime anyway.

Also, since past Monday night's Raw, Edge is once again a member of SmackDown, after the GM traded him. (Not sure for who though). Many people are quite happy with this, saying that after his injury, Edge never seemed to be on the same level anymore, and that he couldn't get along with the top on Raw, while the top is definitely where he belongs.

Matt Hardy announced Sunday on Twitter that he is taking a break from the social networking site for the next few days.
He wrote, “You guys & gals, take care of yourselves. I’m about to head out for a few well earned days of vacation. Talk to you all in a couple days!”

As noted before, Edge has been traded to SmackDown by the RAW General Manager. It appears that CM Punk will be going to RAW now after a new line-up has been issued for the RAW live event on Friday night in Anaheim, California. Edge has been replaced on the card by Punk in a match against R-Truth.

The cover art for WWE’s Goldust autobiography, Cross Rhodes: Goldust, Out of the Darkness, has been released. Click here to view it.
The 256 page book will be released in paperback form on December 14, 2010.

Randy Orton’s father and Hall of Famer, Bob Orton, Jr.was recently interview by Arda Ocal and Jimmy Korderas of Right After Wrestling and spoke on his son’s success in World Wrestling Entertainment.
“I’m very proud of Randy,” Orton said. “He doesn’t waste any movement and he’s just pretty darn good. He pulls his weight. He’s just a natural, they come along every once in awhile. He took to everything very quick. He learns and he listens. He’s a good kid all around and he always has been and we’ve always been proud of him.”
Orton, Jr. was also asked about changes in the locker room since he was last a wrestler…
“What’s changes in the locker room?” he asked. “Pizza. What we used to get backstage was pizza if we were lucky. Now they’ve got catered meals and we didn’t have a masseuse in the locker room or a hair dresser. We didn’t have any of that stuff. A chiropractor was there. It’s first class all the way.”
Check out the full interview here.

Lost Colony Entertainment has purchased the TV and film rights to adapt the “Chris and Nancy” book by Irv Muchnick, based on the Benoit family tragedy. This means that Lost Colony has the rights to develop and sell the property or raise money to produce the movie on their own.

There is a story here about Steve Austin’s role in the expendables, and more specifically, his reaction to breaking Sylvester Stallone’s neck.

The feeling within WWE creative is that things need to change and be shaken up. It’s expected that something big will be happening soon and it may have been decided on already, but is being kept a secret and most of the creative team doesn’t even know what it will be. It’s being said that things will be different in January of next year. Since nobody knows what that means, nobody can tell if it’s going to be a good or bad thing.
I guess some of them finally started reading comments on matches and what not. Hope it turns out in a good way.

Michael Cole will soon be the voice of SmackDown following his move across from RAW. Vince McMahon is pretty high on the outspoken commentator at the moment and feels that he would help establish the show on SyFy, which is very important to the company right now with its move to a new network. The way Cole effectively delivers messages from creative and the way he plays his on-air character are things that have pleased McMahon recently.
Another play-by-play commentator, Todd Grisham, is not so over with McMahon right now and some feel that’s another reason for Cole’s move.

Well, that´s all for today. If you leave a comment, I will reply to it one of the following days. I´ll try to be quick about it, but cannot promise anything. Also, as always, ask me anything that has something to do with wrestling, that you want to know, in a comment, and I´ll see what I can do for you guys.

Until next time,

Rest In Peace,


PS, have a video of a kid crying after Cena losing to Nexus this past Sunday, right here

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