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woensdag 13 oktober 2010

JR on Undertaker retiring, WWE releases NXT Diva

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross is back with another blog update, which you can read in its entirety at Here are some highlights of what JR wrote about:
Undertaker Retiring: “Where are all the rumors coming from regarding the retirement plans of the Undertaker? Some emailers are contacting us as if these rumors are fact and are etched in stone. These are the same, unfounded rumors that begin making their rounds after each Wrestlemania. My take on this matter is that Undertaker isn’t retiring after WM27 in Atlanta. I can easily see the Deadman competing for another three years or so if his schedule is well managed. If forced to speculate, and that’s all I’m doing, wouldn’t calling it a day after, say, Wrestlemania 30 make more sense? Bottom line is that Taker will retire when he’s damn well ready to retire plus I still stand by what I have always said that he will never lose a match at Wrestlemania.”
What He Thinks of TNA: “People ask me all the time to critique TNA which is a no win situation for me. First of all I don’t watch TNA regularly so for me to act as if I do and make across the board judgments of the brand would not be fair nor accurate. Secondly, I work for WWE so any thing I say good, bad or indifferent about TNA will be looked at as a biased opinion. Let it be known that I hope TNA becomes very profitable some day and wish them well. They have a nice, talent roster that needs to wrestle more and talk less but that could be said about the majority of pro wrestling entities over the past decade or so. Bad acting is simply bad acting no matter what show it appears on.”
Batista Getting Into MMA: “Batista fighting for Strikeforce is a big deal if made such by the promotion and the network. Parlaying Dave’s global name identity and overall look can pay dividends if done throughly and with a big picture game plan. It seems that the former WWE Champion and the promotion are not exceptionally close on money as of yet based on how I interpreted a recent Batista interview. I actually don’t know if a Batista vs. Bobby Lashley bout is the best for both fighters as each man seems to have viable marketability and one beating the other only forward one man as a rule. MMA insiders say that Lashley is at a career crossroads and if that is true then that theory will be validated if Strikeforce signs Batista vs. Lashley for Batista’s first fight. If CBS/Strikeforce promotes a MMA contest between Batista and Lashley like another day at the office then my theory that the network doesn’t know how to properly promote a major fight is accurate. That’s akin to NFL legend Herschel Walker not fighting on Showtime or CBS during the NFL season so that Strikeforce can be promoted on CBS’s NFL games. Perhaps the pending December, Walker fight will make CBS air on their coverage of the National Football League.”
Nexus: “The Nexus storyline has been one of the better ones in the WWE in a long while. Now as it maturates and moves forward guys like Justin Gabriel, who had a nice bout with Orton Monday Night, needs to become known for more than his dynamic 450 Splash. Same for Otunga and Slater. What are their lasting claims to fame going to be? Now is a pivotal time for these members of NXT to begin to erase the prominent ‘sidekick’ logo that’s figuratively stamped on their foreheads and either take a more impactful role with NXT leader Wade Barrett or begin to subtly move away from Barrett’s reign.”
WWE Bragging Rights: “Why is it exactly that Raw and SD have such a fierce rivalry? What’s at stake other than ‘Bragging Rights?’ Has SD been bragging about their tag team victory since last year’s PPV? Would it be more viable if something tangible was at stake to the winning team in the Raw vs. Smackdown Tag Bout on the October 24 PPV that emanates from Minneapolis?”

Quite obviously, I am very, very happy that Taker is not retiring anytime soon. See, me and my friend are planning to go to WM 30, and we both hope to get to see the Phenom live in action there.

As I reported earlier, The Miz was nominated for Baddest Baddie at the Aussies Kid's Choice Awards, however The Miz did not win the award for Baddest Baddie at the Australian Kid’s Choice Awards this weekend. The award instead went to X Factor Australia judge Kyle Sandilands.

Edge has removed from the line-up for WWE’s Fan Appreciation Day in Hartford, CT on October 30th. The Rated R Superstar will be celebrating a birthday that day.

With CM Punk advertised for tonight’s RAW, it’s been expected he will be traded to the RAW brand. Punk cut a promo before his match against R-Truth on Saturday night at the RAW live event in Stockton, California and said he’s a SmackDown star but has beat everyone there so he’s coming to RAW to do the same thing.
It's too bad for the SD roster that Punk is being switched to Raw, I think he will be missed in the SD locker room. I always find Punk entertaining however, and wish him the best at Raw. I hope they put him to good use there.

Matt Hardy posted a new video blog after TNA’s Bound For Glory pay-per-view last night. Regarding his brother Jeff’s heel turn, Matt said that’s the reason he’s been doing everything he’s been doing lately and the reason he put WWE in his “rear-view mirror.” Hardy said he’s got to cross the line because family comes first and he refuses to abandon his brother.
Matt said he heard the news about Jeff turning heel about seven or eight weeks ago. Here’s his latest video:

He’s the WWE Hall of Famer who bleed red, white, and blue with a set of biceps that has taken out foes for decades, now is honored to welcome Tony Atlas for an uncut shoot with James Guttman that lasts nearly an hour and will give you insight into this business like never before.
To read some highlights of the interview, click here.
When you get there, you can get yourself to an hour-long interview (being the complete one) on (which you have to pay for).

Bryan Williams, one of the SmackDown vs. RAW 2011 designers, told ESPN that Daniel Bryan was originally scheduled to be part of the NXT season 1 downloadable package for the game but won’t be in the game at all now. Williams said they got the word of Bryan’s WWE release earlier this year the same day that they motion-capped his moves. The designers had to take Bryan out of the game and replace him with Justin Gabriel.
Williams went on to say that it was too late to add Bryan to this year’s game, even as a downloadable character. Provided that Bryan is still with WWE next year, he will be in SmackDown vs. RAW 2012.
I call bullshit on this. It can't be that hard to make 1 more (downloadable) character, especially since you (should) have the basic character model and standard moves already. I mean, they have an entire year, basically, to make 1 extra character. So a big fuck you to the designers of the game, for being to lazy to bring in Daniel Bryan into this years game.

Wade Barrett talks to the UK’s Lancashire Telegraph here, discussing him idolizing Davey Boy Smith, how he misses British food and his degree in Marine Biology.

 The Great Khali will begin appearing on the ongoing fourth season of the Indian reality television program Bigg Boss this Friday as a wild card entry, reports It is the Indian version of the Big Brother format.

John Cena is featured on the cover of the latest issue of Fighting Spirit, with the headline reading “Have We Cena ‘Nuff?” 
The synopsis reads: “Between his superhero act getting incredibly old and him almost ruining the careers of people like The Miz and Nexus by squashing them completely, FSM has had it up to here with John Cena. But is it really all his fault? FSM examines WWE’s top man and wonders if he’s to blame for ruining WWE for everyone.”

Florida Championship Wrestling removed NXT Rookie Diva Jamie Keyes from their official roster page. PWInsider confirms that following her elimination from NXT last week, WWE has released Keyes from her deal.
Keyes, real name Brittany Beede, was signed by WWE in March of this year. She served as NXT ring announcer on season 2 before being a Rookie on season three. She was eliminated last week.

That's all for today folks.
Hope you guys enjoyed the read.

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  1. Man, Undertaker is getting old. He has to retire eventually. That sucks about Bryan not being SVR.. And Matt Hardy is a big tool lol.

  2. Mark, since this is your blog why don't you just dispel these rumors yourself? Why do you have to use JR as a mouthpiece?

  3. I stop watching this a long time ago, and the Undertake was proforming then, so he's gotta be like one of the longer lasting guys out there.

  4. The Undertaker is great, he must never retire.

  5. Lots of info here, awesome stuff. I think Jeff Hardy turning heel could be a realy good thing if done right.

  6. I remember The Undertaker when I was a kid in the 80's

  7. undertaker must be like 200 years old

  8. Whoa, Undertaker's been around forever