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zondag 3 oktober 2010

Manager on Giant Gonzales, Shawn Michaels returning?

Bruno Lauer (a/k/a Harvey Wippleman), commented on the passing of friend and colleague Jorge González (a/k/a Giant González) to
“I would like to take time here to address the passing of my dear friend Jorge Gonzales, also known as Giant Gonzalez [during his tenure with me] and El Gigante, when he was with WCW. I was Jogo’s [nickname short for his name] manager the entire time he was with the WWE and not only was I his manager, but I was his friend and confidante as well aka his errand boy! Not that I minded either…s**t if I was 8 feel tall, I’d want somebody to run out and get my food and medicine too! Jogo was always a gentleman and a true friend. 
The entire interview can be read here.

WWE will reportedly not be holding a “Tribute To The Troops” show overseas this year. However, company officials are looking to hold a similar style event at a domestic military base, possibly in Texas. 
A reason for this is not yet known.
After learning there would be no trip to Iraq this year, there was big relief among the wrestlers at last night’s SmackDown taping. The superstars are fine with the actual work required, however it is the constant flying on the cargo plane which proves a struggle. There has been talks of a domestic Tribute to the Troops show, which WWE and USO are in discussions about.

It was reported earlier this week that Melyssa Buhl, a 26-year-old fitness model from Vancouver, British Columbia, had signed a developmental contract with World Wrestling Entertainment. She later sent e-mails to various news outlets indicating she had not signed with WWE, noting she was ‘entering a contract’ and would not be shooting past October 14.
In the latest update regarding the situation, Buhl posted several messages on her facebook account last month concerning meetings with WWE officials – which have since been deleted. She said she had signed a contract with WWE and would therefore be shutting down her official website, which features adult material.
The website has been taken offline.
WWE Unified Divas Champion Michelle McCool recently took part in a Proust Questionnaire with, answering questions on her personality. She answered questions on what she considers to be her greatest achievement, her appearance, what she dislikes the most, and her greatest fear, among several others. To read her answers, click here.
I read through it, and personally, I think she answered quite short. All one and two word answers, most of the time.  But, it's an interview nonetheless.

And, John Cena's long awaited Heel turn might come up this Sunday on the Hell in a Cell PPV. He is scheduled for a Nexus disbands vs John Cena joins the Nexus match, in which, if Cena wins, the Nexus will disband, and if he loses, he must join the Nexus. Also, if the other members of Nexus interfere in the match, Cena will automatically be pronounced winner.
So, are you Nexus, or are you against us?

WWE are planning to add a bit more of an ‘entertainment’ aspect to SmackDown after it’s move to Syfy. The company feel this will help the show get back to the “same level” as RAW.

Matt Hardy had the following to say on twitter: “In the next 6 months, I’m restarting OMEGA & also opening up an OMEGA wrestling developmental school. Excited about both-its gonna be great!” and posted the following on youtube (link).

Dolph Ziggler did an interview with, about SmackDown moving to SyFy, his current character, and other things. The interview can be read here.

And finally, Shawn "The Heartbreak Kid" Michaels hinted towards a return to the WWE at an autograph signing in Kansas City. After one of the attending fans asked "Is there any chance to see you return to wrestling?" Shawn then answered saying: "Probably not to wrestle myself, but I might return for something else.
I myself, being quite a HBK fan, hope he does indeed return, but I'm going to keep you guys updated on this.

That's all for today, I hope you guys enjoyed the information. Again, please ask if you have questions about anything.

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