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vrijdag 5 november 2010

Plans for "Old-Skool" RAW, Brock Lesnar on WM27?

For WWE's "Old School" RAW show, SmackDown stars also being advertised to appear are: WWE World Heavyweight Champion Kane, Edge, Rey Mysterio, Big Show, Jack Swagger and Kofi Kingston.
In terms of the plan for the actual show - the entire theme will be a throwback to old-school with the original 1993 opening with no pyro, etc. Already confirmed for the show are Sgt. Slaughter, Dusty Rhodes, Jimmy Snuka, Roddy Piper, The Iron Sheik, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Arn Anderson and IRS. Also expected are Lita and the recently re-signed Val Venis.

All the current producers within WWE (Arn Anderson, Dean Malenko, Irwin R Shyster, etc.) are also confirmed for WWE's Old School RAW, and ideas for them have been discussed during the past few days. It is thought that most of the appearances will be cameos.
The Honky Tonk Man and WWE Hall of Famer "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase have been confirmed for WWE's "Old School" episode of Monday Night Raw on Nov. 15.

 And John Cena is no longer allowed on Twitter, or so he claims in the one message he was allowed to Tweet by Wade Barrett. 
"Wade Barrett has allowed me to send this one message," Cena wrote. "As long as I am in Nexus. I answer to them. He has kept me from any communication and was very mad about navajo code message. I am sorry to all of you."

WWEDVDNews reports that WWE is planning a Triple H DVD and Bluray set for a late 2011 release. WWE is also planning on releasing "Big Show: A Giant's World" in February of 2011.

The Undertaker will indeed be undergoing torn rotator cuff surgery this week. The original plan was for Taker to work the current European tour and take time off after Survivor Series, where he would lose a Buried Alive match against Kane. The match was moved to Bragging Rights because Taker had been in severe pain and needed the surgery.
As recent as last week, there was talk that Taker may continue to wrestle lightly for the next few months, wrestle at Wrestlemania 27 and then take the time off but that has changed. Until the surgery is over, there is no solid time table for his return. The feeling right now within WWE is that they expect him to work WrestleMania if he can but they recognize the possibility that he won't be recovered enough.

For what it's worth, people in WWE are wanting to push the Nexus angle by giving them all of the title belts. With Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel holding the WWE Tag Team Titles, this might mean that Wade Barrett would defeat Randy Orton for the WWE Title and likely David Otunga would capture the United States Title.

People in both WWE and UFC feel that a Brock Lesnar role at WrestleMania 27 won't happen because of Lesnar's contract with UFC. However, even as recent as of a few days ago, there were people in WWE still working on putting something together. WWE has been tossing around potential ideas and trying to see if there's a way Lesnar could be involved contractually without UFC President Dana White having to approve it. They are also trying to figure out a way for White to approve a deal.
Regarding the confrontation at UFC 121, the belief is that WWE itself did not directly contact Brock Lesnar or his camp, but someone very close to Vince McMahon did. One could suspect that Paul Heyman, considering his relationship with Lesnar and his past with WWE, may have been the middle man but word is that it was not him. Heyman has been quiet on the subject but in the past has floated an idea to WWE about bringing in Lesnar for some kind of role.
It's believed that there was no direct approach from Vince McMahon because that could lead to contract tampering.
One WWE source felt that Lesnar could get between $2 million and $3 million from WWE for a WrestleMania appearance.

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  1. That old school RAW sounds like it'll be awesome.

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